What the Prop?

240FB-DSC_1480-COPY-copyThis blog entry is all about props. I have TONS of props and costumes that I love to incorporate into my photography shoots. The majority of props are geared towards newborns, babies and children, although, I do have a few props and costumes that are perfect for teens and adults.

If you read my last blog entry, which I hope you did, you’re probably scratching your head in a little bit of confusion.

“Didn’t she just write about wearing plain clothes and keeping jewelry, accessories, etc. to a minimum so as to not distract from the subject”, you’re thinking, “And now, she’s telling us she loves using props and costumes? Is this correct?”

Yes. That is correct. It does sound contradictory. But it isn’t. At your photo shoot, I take several different photos. While I do love the timeless photos that focus on your face without any distractions, I also love adding some fun into the shoot. It makes for some great memories and funny photos. It’s also another way for everybody’s personality to shine through in the photograph. There will be plenty of opportunity to take both kinds of photos. If you don’t want to use any props or costumes, I will not be offended.

However, if you want that unique and extra adorable photograph of your children or yourself, I’ve got the props to make it happen!

If you want to use a prop or costume that you have on hand already, I’ll be more than happy to oblige.

Remember, Miss Z’s photo shoots are YOUR photo shoots. My goal is to make your photo shoot enjoyable and to have you leave the photo shoot happy.