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Miss Z, aka, “The Southcoast Baby Whisperer”

When working with your children, both teeny and big, I have tons of patience and always put safety above everything else. Several clients have proclaimed me a “Baby Whisperer”.

Whether it’s the baby who took almost an hour to settle or the toddler having meltdowns, I have tons of tricks up my sleeve to ensure that your photos will be exactly what you wanted.

Tears happen, but at my sessions, they don’t last long. You can rest assured that I have the experience and calm demeanor to make even the crankiest infant feel at ease.

You’re hiring me because you know these are the moments you will never get back and you want to preserve this moment in time. You look at the photos and remember the feelings you had when they were taken – holding your tiny newborn in the palm of your hand, receiving big bear hugs from your toddler and even the sassy attitude your pre-teen daughter used to give you.

Looking at your images, you are reminded of the 3 year old boy that always said “I love you mommy” any chance he had, and now he’s sitting next to you, a 25 year old man. Or that sweet 5 year old with the most infectious giggle and now she’s 30 and it’s your granddaughter who has the exact giggle of her mom.

Photos give us something tangible to hold onto, since we can’t actually bottle up those precious moments to bring out at a later time (although I sometimes wish we could!) When you’re gathered around the Thanksgiving dinner table with all of your relatives and you bring out the photo albums, you’re reminded of the time you and your sister went exploring for bugs and came back covered head to toe in mud or when Uncle Louie took his dentures out and washed them under the sprinkler.

Just seeing a picture provokes all of these great memories and are something to be shared for generations. These memories are what I will preserve for you.


I can show you how your artwork will look on your own walls before your order while I help you choose the best images for your needs. When your amazing wall art and albums arrive, Miss Z delivers your order right to you and will even help you install your wall art.

My love affair with photography begin when I was about 8 years old. What would now be considered vintage, my 110 cartridge camera used to be my sidekick when I was a child. I was shooting everything I could – from friends, flowers, books, toys, and even toilets! (True story, ask my mom about the roll of film she developed in the 80’s that had about 5 images of her upstairs toilet!) All I wanted to do was practice taking pictures of anything so I could one day take photos like the ones I saw in old family photo albums.

In addition to the many photographs and newborn safety classes I have taken, I’ve also been trained by Ana Brandt of Belly, Baby, Love Photography. She’s a world-renowned newborn and maternity photographer to the stars. I’m also a member of PPA – Professional Photographers of America, PPAM – Professional Photographers of America, Massachusetts division, and NAPCP – the National Association of Professional Child Photographers. I’ve won the parents' choice award from Beauty and Lifestyle Mommy Magazine, and I was chosen as one of the top newborn photographers in Massachusetts. I volunteer for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep – an organization of volunteer professional photographers who dedicate their time and talent to photographing babies born asleep.

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