What Not to Wear For Your Photo Shoot

What Not to Wear…

People always ask me “What should I wear for my Photo Shoot?”   But, really, I think the better question should be, “What shouldn’t I wear for my photo shoot?”

So I am going to share with you some tips that I like to follow.

The focus of my photography is catching you and your family “in the moment” and capturing your personality. Therefore, I want to avoid anything that will distract from that. I discourage the following which will distract from your faces: stripes or bold patterns and prints, low cut tops, turtlenecks, clothing with printed words on it, and too much jewelry and accessories. Short sleeves are fine, but I recommend against wearing tank tops or sleeveless tops. Too much skin is also a distraction. The focus of the photographs is you and your family. Bold colors photograph the best.  It’s advisable to not wear solid white (though, off white/cream are acceptable) as white tends to wash the subject(s) out.

If there will be other people in the photograph besides yourself, you’ll want to coordinate your clothing so that you look like you belong together and aren’t just random people on the street that decided to jump in the photo! That being said, I don’t advise wearing matching clothing. However, wearing coordinating colors or shades of the same colors is highly recommended.  Also, you should decide ahead of time on whether you want to be dressed casually (highly recommended) or formally. It is not recommended to have some of your party dressed casually and others dressed formally – you should all be dressed in the same similar manner.

So what should you wear? Keep it simple. Jeans and khakis always make for a great photo. Pair it with simple shirts and you’re good to go.

Remember to pay attention to such details as shoes. You’ll want to make sure your shoes don’t clash with what you’re wearing or your sneakers aren’t all scuffed up and dirty. Sometimes, bare feet are the way to go. Also, pay attention to your hands and nails. Make sure there is no dirt under your fingernails and women should make sure their nails are nicely manicured.

Finally, just be relaxed and go with the flow. You are beautiful and I’m going to show that beauty through my photography!