I  work with a lot of families, children, and babies.  I’ve experienced it all – the happy child that eagerly poses for the camera, the child that begrudgingly cooperates because of a bribe, the screaming toddler, the hyperactive preschooler, the super shy grade schooler, the wide awake newborn and almost every other scenario you can think of.    I also talk to a lot of parents who are apprehensive about coming in, wondering if their child will “behave”.  They are afraid to bother me, or “waste my time”.

And so to all parents out there, especially the ones worried about whether or not their children will cooperate, this post is for you.

My sessions are extremely laid back.  There is no time limit on my regular sessions*.  (Well, unless it’s a Thursday night and Grey’s Anatomy is coming on and you’re still in the studio.  Then, I might kick you out. ::wink::)  Seriously, there is plenty of time for your child to warm up to me and my studio and equipment.  There is plenty of time for breaks for snacks, using the bathroom, playing or resting.  I recommend that everyone bring some snacks along and some favorite toys. I also recommend that parents schedule sessions when children are well rested (after nap time is best) and not sick.

With newborn babies, I send out a guide with specific recommendations to help ensure that baby sleeps well.  I  usually get most newborns to sleep within 10 minutes.    Every once in a while, I’ll have a wide awake baby and as long as baby is calm and not uncomfortable, I roll with it, too.

I will also say that not one child/family has ever wasted my time. I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve and plenty of patience. Even if the session doesn’t go as smoothly as every parent hopes, I always guarantee to get some shots you will love.  Below is a photo of a wide awake  newborn and a shy toddler.

Little-Shy-Girl New-Bedford-Awake-Newborn









*Specialized mini sessions usually have a time limit of 20 minutes