Southcoast Family Photographer Explains How Facebook is Ruining Professional Images (And What You Can Do to Stop it!)

You just went to a professional photographer who took amazing photos of your family, your children, yourself, etc.  Your professional photographer spent years of schooling learning how to hone her craft, she invested thousands of dollars on lighting equipment to ensure proper lighting, she spent thousands more on software to correct anything she may have missed in camera and she spent a lot of time with you and your family to ensure the perfect photos.  You ordered prints through your photographer, and they came out gorgeous.  You also ordered a few digital negatives.  You of course, proudly posted them all over Facebook (beautiful family photos, why wouldn’t you?)  However, you may or may not have noticed that those photos you posted, don’t look as good as when your photographer showed them to you, and definitely not as good as the incredible images hanging on your walls. So what gives?

When you’re using the Facebook app, Facebook automatically “enhances” your photos.  If you look quickly, when you add the photo before you push “post”, you might actually witness the change from the original, to their enhanced version.  But let me tell you, whether you witness it or not, the end result is not pretty!

It may not seem like a big deal to you.  However, to all of the professional photographers out there, it is a big deal.  Facebook has basically, in one quick swoop, misrepresented the true work of an artist.  People viewing these photos start to think things like,  “The posing is great, subject is cute, but the picture is off”, “the colors are off”, “it’s pixelated”. and “it looks funny”.  Followed by the conscious or subconscious thought, “That’s not a photographer I want to hire.”  Even if no one else notices, the photographer does.  It’s as if someone forged her work.

Here are just a few comparisons (CLICK on the thumbnails to enlarge) of the original photo  versus the photo with Facebook’s automatic enhancements. You be the judge.  Which ones look better to you?






So how do you fix it? The answer is you need to turn off the auto enhancements so your professional photos aren’t destroyed. There are two ways to do this.

1.) The first way is to turn it off for each photo that you upload.  You’ll have to do this every time.  You do this by adding your photo and then clicking on the “wand” in the lower left-hand corner of the photo.  You’ll see the photo “change” back after you turn this off.








2.)  The second way is to turn it off in your Facebook settings.  This way it will no longer be the default, and going forward any photos you upload will automatically be “the original” one.

Go to your Facebook Settings.  Scroll past General.  The next section is “Photos”.  You’ll see “Enhance photos automatically”.  This is turned on by default.  This is the option you’ll want to turn off.  Simply slide to the left and all should be right with the world again. 🙂