Maternity BellyMaternity photos capture a very fleeting time in a woman’s life.   It’s a time when she’s growing a brand new precious being inside of herself.  Through all the aches and pains, the mama-to-be still always seems to shine and glow.  I love capturing these special moments.

Through the years, I have found some various helpful tips to help the parents to be (yes, we LOVE to include dads and older siblings in maternity photos, too!) prepare for the shoot.  I hope you find these helpful.

I recommend scheduling your shoot between weeks 31 and 36 of your pregnancy.  Your belly will have a lovely full shape, but you won’t be too bloated and uncomfortable (as is often the case in the last few weeks).  It will also give you plenty of time to order additional maternity portraits.

If you have ultrasound pictures, bring them in!  We can take some very special portraits of mama and baby.

Make sure to include dad and older siblings – this marks a special time in their lives as well.

Don’t be shy!  You have a beautiful tummy and you should show it off!  However, I recommend wearing loose- fitting clothing to avoid elastic/clothing marks.

Put on lotion at least an hour prior to your session so you avoid having a shiny belly look and/or staining your clothes.

Moisturize your knees and elbows!

Get a manicure or a light polish for a more finished look in a close up of your hands around your belly.

Remove tight fitting clothing and accessories like watches and bracelets at least two hours before your session so they don’t leave any visible marks.

You may want to include a few baby things like a cute pair of shoes or a special family heirloom in your portrait.

I recommend wearing solid colored shirts to focus the attention on your tummy’s shape and your glowing expression.   Large patterns distract.  Definitely avoid floral prints, swirls, plaids and stripes.

Form fitting clothes with a little stretch will compliment your figure rather than loose clothing.

Long sleeves tend to be the most flattering, but sleeveless and spaghetti straps work well, too.  Please avoid t-shirt length sleeves.

If you do choose to show your bare belly (which I highly encourage, although respect your wishes if you do not) consider wearing a top and skirt or pants that won’t leave marks on your tummy.

Silk or cotton fabrics work really nicely as they drape beautifully around a pregnant body.   Empire waist blouses and dresses, button up shirts, tank tops, long drawstring skirts and tie dresses also really enhance your blooming shape.

Dark jeans and black tapering yoga pants make your legs look long and slim.

Pick your footwear depending on your clothing.  If your toes are exposed in a sandal or you want to be barefoot for some of the photos, consider getting a pedicure.

Please consider your undergarments with your clothing choices – you do not want lines showing through your clothing.

We still want your personality to shine through – so feel free to bring along a colorful scarf or sweater or even some funky jewelery.  But please bring it along rather than wearing it so it won’t leave marks that will show up in other shots.

Lastly, relax!  This is an exciting time in your life!  Don’t worry about your body – it’s beautiful!  It’s creating a miracle!  Shine and let it shine!