New Bedford Photographer Has Her Own Smash Cake Session For 40th Birthday

Forty year old themed cake smashI’m all about fun, enjoying life and capturing those moments for posterity.  I do a lot of smash cake sessions for one year olds – with the parents, I create a themed session, order a cake to match the theme from Pink Box Desserts, then let the toddler go crazy eating, licking, and smashing the cake.  It’s a lot of fun to watch and the pictures that result are just adorable.

I believe that a cake smash shouldn’t be limited to just turning one.  Everybody likes cake and everybody has fun getting messy, right?   So why should there be an age limit?  I’ve done several two year old smash cake sessions and I even did my own daughter’s “six year old” smash cake session last year. (View her Frozen themed session here.)

So as my big milestone birthday of the big 4-0 approached, I decided that I wanted to do a “40 year old” cake smash session.

Just like any other session, I planned a theme.  Purple is my favorite color so I decided I wanted to embrace purple and add some silver hearts.  I set about making my own tutu skirt (most of the little girls wear tutus for their cake smashes).  I also made a chunky necklace in shades of purples  (I offer many chunky necklaces for my small clients to wear during their sessions).  Since I am a little too old to go topless (at least for family friendly photos ;-)) I ordered a t-shirt from Etsy with the number 40 sewn on in a pretty purple pattern.  I used purple seamless paper for the background and I made my own sparkling silver heart garland that I hung in the background.   I added some paper flowers and balloons to carry the purple and silver theme through and of course I had a beautiful smash cake made by Tammy at Pink Box Desserts.

My husband Mark (Drew), is also a photographer.  While his speciality is photojournalism, night photography and landscape, he also takes really good portraits as well.  So he shot my session.  I tried to make some of the same faces that my little one and two year old clients alway make during their cake smash sessions, including the one where each child always seems to stare at their frosted covered hands with deep curiosity.

After enjoying smashing and eating the yummy cake for some solo photos, I had my two daughters, 6 and 2, join in.  The three of us sat and smashed and ate cake.  Believe it or not, something so simple and silly wound up being a really special moment with my girls. I am so glad I have the images to always look back on.

Would you do a 40 year old smash cake?  Would you do a smash cake session for a child older than 2?   Please comment on FB or Instagram with #MissZEatsCake.

Enjoy the gallery from my cake smash session!