New Bedford Maternity Photographer Shares a Recent Belly Session

I love my job.  I say it all the time and I’m sure my friends and family must be tired of hearing it.  But it’s true.  I meet the most wonderful people and I get to capture beautiful moments for them.  This session was no different.  Mom Stacie, who is just stunningly beautiful, asked me if I’d share her session and I agreed.  (Though I’d love to blog every single session I do, I do so many that it’s just physically impossible!  So I pick and choose.  But they are all equally as wonderful.)  Joining Stacie for some of the photos is her beautiful daughter Sarani.

Stacie elegantly shows off some of the many gowns and attire that I have for my clients to wear for their sessions.  Sarani is also wearing a gown and top from my collection as well.  All clothes are washed between clients as hygiene, health and safety are always my top priorities for all of my sessions!

Enjoy a few of gorgeous photos from this maternity photo session.  Please be sure to like Miss Z Photography on Facebook: and follow us on Instagram: