New Bedford Baby Photographer Makes a Tutu Skirt For Her Client

First birthday cake smash with handmade tutu

Miss S is wearing the gold tutu handmade by Miss Z.

I take pride in customizing each and every photo session I do.  One of my popular sessions is the one year old “smash and splash”.   With the child’s family, we come up with a theme.  I then put together a background for that theme as well as a matching outfit for the toddler.  For boys, it is usually  a diaper cover and for girls it’s usually a tutu.  We finish up the theme with a custom matching smash cake from Pink Box Desserts in Dartmouth.   The child gets to eat the cake anyway they would like.  Some stare at it, not knowing what to do, and it takes them a while to taste and eat it.  Other children will dig in right away.  No matter how the child goes about it eating it, one thing is for certain – there is always a mess!

I like to provide the clothes for the smash session, so that the children aren’t ruining their own attire and also so their parents don’t have to go home and wash their frosting ladened clothing.

After the cake smash part of the session is over, I then change backdrops and bring in a child sized tub and the child gets to play and enjoy some bubbly water while I capture more adorable memories.

For this particular session, the theme of the cake smash was “gold stars” with a sea foam green color.  I made the necklace and the hanging gold star garland in the back.  I also made the tutu.  They actually are pretty easy to make and can be made for children and grownups alike.  Below is a clip of me making the tutu for this session.