Miss Z Photography Does Boudoir

Did you know that one of Miss Z Photography’s specialties is boudoir?  Many people are not aware of this, as Miss Z respects her clients privacy and does not post any of their photos without full consent for each and every photo.

But Miss loves to do boudoir shoots.  Boudoir sessions are not just for that special someone in your life.  They are also for you.   Miss Z’s boudoir sessions help women feel empowered and help build confidence.

A Miss Z boudoir shoot typically lasts 2 -3 hours and is done in the privacy of your own home.   Miss Z  provides many props, although encourages you to also use your own as well.

Just like all of our other sessions, a boudoir session is very laid back with time for breaks and several wardrobe changes.

All of our clients report feeling very comfortable and happy with both the experience and the end result.

Miss Z also refers make up artists to you, who will come to your house prior to the boudoir session.

So please contact Miss Z to book your boudoir session now!

Below are some selected photos from a recent shoot.  Enjoy!

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