It’s not easy getting the attention of your baby or toddler so that they look at the camera.  It can be downright frustrating.  Though, some of my favorite photos are of my children NOT looking at the camera, we all want *some* photos where they’re staring at us.

There are a lot of products out there you can buy that go around your lens/camera to draw their attention.  But you can EASILY make your own attention-grabbing “device” with things you probably already have in your house.

Below, I demonstrate what I “made” to work with both a professional camera and with a point and shoot camera.

I started with a hair scrunchy for my professional camera and a hair elastic for my point and shoot.






















Next, I took one of my daughter’s tiny stuffed animals.












Next,  I used the scrunchy and the elastic to affix the stuffed animal to the professional camera and the point and shoot, respectively.

04 05

Both times, my 8 month old, who we fondly refer to as “Distracto”, looked at the camera!

06 07

And there you have it!  Easy peasy!