I love showing off my work both on my website and on social media.  I am pretty proud of my work and I have the most beautiful and adorable clients.  But every now and then, for different reasons, a client asks me that I do not share any of their photos online.  Though, it makes me a little sad since each of my photo sessions are unique, I always respect my clients’ wishes.  This past weekend, I had the honor of taking 1st birthday photos for an adorable little girl. However, her dad works for the Government and asked that no photos of his daughter or him be posted online.  So instead, I am going to take you behind the scenes for this particular session.  (I was given permission from the parents to use the photo of the little girl with only her feet showing.)

I customize all of my sessions.  Little Miss’ (as I’ll refer to her) grandma hired me just 4 days before the session as Little Miss and her family were arriving from out of town for a visit. (I recommend booking at least 3 weeks in advance to not only guarantee a spot but also so I can fully customize your session.)  Little Miss’  favorite tv show is “Peg+Cat”, a show on PBS.  After watching a few episodes of the show,  I searched high and low but wasn’t able to find anything for the show!  So, I enlisted my husband Mark to paint me a backdrop just for the session.  For those of you that have watched the show, everything is “cartoon-y” and bright with a graph paper background.   With only 3 days to get this into motion (I spent the first day searching for stuff in stores and online) I decided to use the back of wrapping paper for the drop.  I chose the one with the cutting grids, as this could pass for graph paper (if you look closely at the completed background you’ll see the grids).  Then I found some photos online and Mark painted the famous big purple tree with swirls on the trunk and orange square/rectangle “leaves”.


Mark copying the tree from an online photo


Mark painting the purple swirls on the tree


Mark assembling the backdrop for me


The final set up of Peg+Cat


After the Peg+Cat session, we did a “number 1” session.  Mom really likes purple and turquoise, so I designed that set with her favorite colors in mind. I always like to include something with the baby/child’s age in it, when I do a birthday shoot.


Number 1 and balloons


Following the “number 1” set up, I did some family shots and some of Little Miss with just a white background.

ALL WHite DSC_2169 copy

Picture a family sitting and embracing here.


Next was the fun part – the cake smash!   Mom wanted something to do with outdoors and nature.  So I used a backdrop with flowers and a tree and a floor drop with “grass”.   The smash cake was courtesy of Pink Box Desserts in Dartmouth, MA.


Cake Smash Set Up


Sometimes the best way to smash a cake is with your foot!


Lastly, we completed the session with a splash!  Not only does it yield adorable photos, but it helps with the clean up from the cake smash.  We went with some rubber duckies, since baby and mom love them!


Insert adorable baby and lots of bubbles!


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