Southcoast Photographer Caught Horsing Around

I was born with a phone attached to my ear and a camera attached to my eye.  At least, that’s what my family used to tease me about when I was growing up.    I was either taking photos of everything (I mean everything,  I have a stack of prints of my mom’s toilet from back in the 1980’s) or I was talking on the phone and racking up phone bills (some of my closest friends lived a couple of towns over and back then those calls were considered long distance.)  Though, I’m a little better about my phone usage now, I still have an extra appendage that I lovingly call my camera.

If you have visited my website, or any of my social media sites, you’ll know that my speciality is maternity, newborns, babies and children.  However, I love taking photos of everything I can – whether it’s my daughters, flowers, bugs, or architecture, etc. One of my husband and my favorite dates to go on is “out to take pictures”.   Instead of a romantic dinner and movie, we hire the babysitter and find some place to explore and capture images.  I thought I’d share some recent images that are not of my speciality, but just some of my love for photography.

This past Friday, Mr. Z and I went on one of our dates.  We were invited to take some pictures of a couple beautiful horses.  These beautiful creatures were so sweet and I loved the atmosphere at the barn.  It’s definitely a place I’d like to go back to.   Enjoy some of my images from that night.

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