Share Your Reviews and Win!

Baby laughingI'd love for you to share your experience with Miss Z Photography so the world can know!    I am hoping you all had a stellar experience and I'd love for potential clients to read about it. .  (If for some reason you didn't, please contact me personally before leaving a review.)

I know we are all super busy.  So as an incentive, I will be giving one lucky person their choice of a $50 Miss Z Photography gift certificate or a $50 Visa Card gift card!

I have *4* different places that I would love for you to leave reviews at.  You can simply write one review and copy and paste to all of them.  For each review you leave, (one per site) you will get an entry into the contest.  If you have left reviews already, please email me and let me know. They WILL count!!!

I'm listing below the 4 websites.  After you have completed posting your reviews, please send me an email at:  I will verify and then put your name on a piece of paper and into my basket.  This contest will run from July 4, 2016 until August 31, 2016.  On September 1st, I will video someone picking out the winning name.  I will then contact you via email and you can choose either a $50 Miss Z Photography gift certificate or a $50 Visa Card gift card.

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  2.  Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy Magazine:
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