Out of the Mouth of Babes

Baby laughing I love children.  In my job, I’m lucky that I get to be surrounded by them all of the time.  I have yet to meet a child that isn’t deliciously adorable.  Not only are children cute to look at, but they all say the funniest things!   Sometimes, I have to choke back laughter so as not to offend them.

After chatting with some moms, I have compiled a list of 10 adorable things overheard or said by little ones*.  I hope this list gives you a chuckle.

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  1. Lilly, Age 5:  “Mommy, I would really like to be a good girl for you and listen.”
    Mommy: “Well, Lilly, it’s really easy, you just have to listen to what mommy says.”
    Lilly: “But I can’t, I want to do things my way.”
  2. Mommy: “Sally, please clean your room.”
    Sally, Age 4: “You must be confused.  I’m not Sally.  I’m Tinkerbell.  I don’t pick up toys.  But if I see Cinderella while I’m flying through Neverland, I’ll let her know this room is a mess.”
  3. At a preschool, the teacher started the sentence, “When my daddy goes to work he ____” and she went around the room asking each child to fill in the blank.
    Liam, Age 3, filled in the blank with “gets beer”.
  4. Benjamin, Age 4: “Mommy, lets call my bed something else than ‘bed’.  I’m going to call it – ‘the Cornote’ (said with a Spanish accent).
    Mommy: Hmm, wow.  That’s an interesting word.  Ok, Cornote, it is.  Did you make that word up yourself?
    Benjamin: “Yeah so like I’ll say ‘Mommy, I’m going to my Cornote.  Except also I’m going to say ‘Cornote up!’ when I want someone to shut up but I need to talk to them in another language.  Cornote is German.  It also means dinner in German.  Also, it means vanilla ice cream cone.”
  5. Nadia, Age 2: “I want gummy bears” (She wanted her gummy bear vitamins but she had already had them that morning)
    Mommy: “No, more until tomorrow.”
    Nadia then crossed her arms, pouted, and said, “It’s not fair. Mommy, I’m mad.”
  6.  Ava, Age 6: “Mommy, I’m going to marry the Easter Bunny.  We are going to move to Bunnyland and eat carrots.  But I don’t like carrots.  I hope he likes spaghetti.”
  7. Tia, Age 3, was watching “Dora the Explorer”.   In the particular episode, Dora was headed to her own house.  So very matter of factly, Tia said, “Dora must have run out of places to explore.”
  8. Sammy, Age 5, with a very angry face: “I can’t believe my bum is itchy on my birthday!”
  9. Ali, Age 3: “Mommy, smell the couch right here. (waits as mommy spells the couch and then continues) Did you smell my fart?”
  10. Mommy was showing Randy, Age 7, a picture of The Rock’s new baby.  She said, “Someday you can have a baby and be a daddy.”
    Randy replied, “No, because then I’ll have to get married and kiss someone on the lips and that’s gross!”


*Names have been changed to protect children’s identity.  Nothing else has been changed. The words are really their own.