Massachusetts Newborn Photographer Creates Any Theme You Want

Here at Miss Z Photography studios, we love creating a special session just for your family.   Besides safely posing your precious little one into adorable poses, Miss Z customizes every single session.   Before the photo session, parents come in to meet with us and plan out the session.   Parents choose colors and themes.  Miss Z Photography provides all of the props.  You read that correctly.  There is no need to worry about what to dress your baby in, or worrying about finding something for a theme you like.  After this many years in business, we have props for almost every theme.  But if we don’t, we go out and purchase what we need at no additional cost to our clients.  We wash all props after each use, in baby safe detergent.  So you never have to worry about your newborn wearing something that another baby wore without it being washed first.

 There are some themes that are requested all of the time.  Each time, Miss Z puts a slightly different spin on it, so each family has their own unique setup.   We create exactly what you’re envisioning and the best part is, you don’t have to go out and look for and pay for props that your baby will outgrow in a few weeks.  Below are some of the different requests we’ve done in the past.   Enjoy looking at these adorable babies!   Please comment on social medial which images are your favorite! 


Dad is a manager at the post office. So parents wanted to showcase their “special delivery”.

Dad loves to go fishing. So we created a theme just for this little guy’s daddy.

Mom is a big Marvels fan and especially loves Captain America.

This little guy’s dad is a police officer.

This bub’s dad is a huge fan of Ford trucks.

This sweet girl’s mama had a piggy bank growing up that was a pink pig wearing a tutu. She passed her piggy bank down to her new daughter.

Miss Z gets a lot of requests for cookie monster. Each time I do a slightly different take on the theme.

This guy’s dad loves Batman. How cool is this little due in the bat mobile?

Another setup for a cookie monster theme.

Mom has a huge love of everything turtle.

Dad is a huge football fan. So is this little dude!



Abrah Zion, of Miss Z Photography, is an award winning maternity, newborn, baby and child photographer in New Bedford, MA. She serves all over the SouthCoast and New England with her satisfied clients deriving from Boston, Providence, Cape Cod and even New York!