It Takes a Village or a Doula!

A Doula – A New Best Friend

For the birth of my second daughter, I hired a doula.  It was one of the best decisions I made.    She answered my questions during pregnancy, she talked to me (and my husband) when I was getting ready to deliver.   She helped me right after birth and even gave me the help and advice I needed when I suffered from postpartum anxiety.   

Most people don’t know what a doula is or what they do.   So I’ve asked a local doula, Mary Sweeney, to share her information with everyone.   These are her words (her contact information is at the bottom of the page): 

We were never meant to birth alone or parent without support. For most of us, our families no longer live around the corner, and help is hard to come by. Imagine what your mother, or your best friend could do to help you maneuver your way through pregnancy, birth, and parenthood!Those first few weeks postpartum, after you are home can be exhausting and challenging. Please know you do not have to do it alone!

Image a Doula! One chosen and invited by you, to come into your family, and become a part of your transformation through pregnancy and into parenting.

What is a Doula?
An educator with the most current evidence-based information available to you.
A reliable source to answer your questions, because you have a right to knowledge and understanding.
Reassurance, emotional and physical support in your back pocket when you call or text. 
Your Doula will answer, and arrange to be with you when needed.
A familiar face at your birth, and a trusting relationship to help you adjust to new roles at home.

What Does a Doula Do?
A Doula is trained to focus on your needs and the needs of your family. Supports your birth preferences, and facilitates a nurturing environment with your birth team. Encourages your confidence in your body and redirects you with coping strategies. Holds your hand or holds your baby when you need TLC, or a moment to rest or shower. Manages light household chores so that you can maintain bedrest during high risk pregnancies or heal and bond postpartum with your baby. Distracts siblings when you need time with baby, or the reverse, when a sibling needs parent time. Offers balance and teaching as you learn normal newborn behavior, feeding and care, as well as how to identify concerns. 

Mary Sweeney is an RN and Doula in Dartmouth, MassachusettsShe is the owner of Sea Coast Doulas. She knows pregnancy, birth, postpartum and newborn behavior. She believes in Loving *Respectful* safe care. Please check out her website: or contact her at: – (978) 501-0748