I Want to Be a Real Life Fairy When I Grow Up || New Bedford Baby Photographer

“I want to be a real life fairy.”

The words of childhood innocence. I want to bottle that innocence up. I want to make time stand still. It all goes by too quickly.

I dropped my baby off at her first day of Kindergarten today. She was super excited. She woke up extra early and was twirling around the house in her dress that we saved all summer just for today. Both of my daughters are girly – girls, but my little one is even more so. She wants to wear dresses every day. And on days when I don’t put her in dresses, I have to make sure there is something extra special she likes on her clothes in order to bribe her to wear a non-dress.

As I was getting ready to take her first day of school photos, I wrote on a chalk board “1st day of Kindergarten”. Then I asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up. Without hesitation she said,  “I want to be a real life fairy”. (She also wants to be a dance teacher as well.) Those words made me want to cry. How soon before she realizes that fairies don’t exist?   When will her belief in magic disappear?   I know the answer to those questions, which is “ALL TOO SOON”.

She was even more excited that the hot lunch at school today was hot dogs. Hot dogs is her all time favorite food. I make it on occasion and she always is thrilled. But the fact that the school was serving it on her first day of school, practically made her head explode with excitement.

My baby is growing up so quickly. She might very well be my last baby. I am very blessed to have two daughters who are beautiful both inside and out. But I long so deeply for one more baby, that it hurts. However, my husband doesn’t want any more children (a subject for another day) and I will be 43 in January. So watching my possibly last baby head off to Kindergarten was extremely tough.

It seems like yesterday my 9 year old was heading off to kindergarten. When I look at her now, there is no trace of baby left her in face. In fact, she looks like a pre-teen.

I haven’t found a way to save time in a bottle. But I do the next best thing – I take photographs. When I gave birth to my 9 year old my passion and career were also born. I don’t just take photos – I am building a legacy. I have my images printed on heirloom quality materials and display them around the house. Seeing my girls and my family on my walls, makes me happy. Studies have shown that it bolsters self esteem in children. *

While crying as I walked away from dropping by baby off at school, I, too, wished I could be a real life fairy. Maybe then, I could keep my children little forever. But until then I will continue building a legacy by taking, printing and hanging their photos all over my house.

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Abrah is an award winning and internationally published maternity, newborn, baby and child photographer. Her clients come to her from all over New England including Boston, Providence, Cape Cod as well as all over the Southcoast – New Bedford, Dartmouth, Acushnet, Fairhaven, Mattapoisett, Rochester, Marion, Middleboro, Wareham, Westport, Fall River, Somerset, Swansea, Berkley, Freetown, Taunton, Raynham and beyond. When she’s not capturing gorgeous images for her clients, she’s enjoying family time with her husband and two daughters and tabby cat, Sunny.