Newborn Behavior: What to Expect From Your Baby

Newborn Womb Baby

If you haven’t spent much time around newborns, you might find yourself a bit anxious with your own baby. Their movements, reactions, and fussiness are all caused by something, but what is it exactly? Every child is different, but when it comes to newborn babies, even though they grow at different rates, they tend to…

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You Really Do Need To Hire A Professional Newborn Photographer

You have given birth to your new bundle of joy, are home from the hospital, and would like to schedule a professional newborn photo session in order to have the perfect picture to go along with your birth announcements. You begin to wonder if it is worth the money, or you should attempt to take…

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Why You Should Hire a Professional Maternity Photographer

The Top Reasons Why Professional Maternity Photos Are Important It seems as if there are endless things to think about, let alone plan for and purchase when you are getting ready to have your baby. It certainly is an incredibly exciting, yet hectic time of your life. That being stated, it is important to add…

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It Takes a Village or a Doula!

A Doula – A New Best Friend For the birth of my second daughter, I hired a doula.  It was one of the best decisions I made.    She answered my questions during pregnancy, she talked to me (and my husband) when I was getting ready to deliver.   She helped me right after birth and…

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Helping Older Siblings Cope with New Babies

Preparing to bring your new baby home is an exciting time. But when there are other siblings at home, it can be a bit scary too. How will big brother or sister react? Will he be excited? Scared? Jealous? He may be all of those things at various times. It’s important that throughout your pregnancy…

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Complimentary Newborn Zoom Sessions with Southcoast Newborn Photographer

Virtual Newborn Sessions

So many things in our lives have changed because of the Covid-19.  High school seniors are missing their special year activities at school and missing out on saying “bye” to their friends.  Weddings are being postponed.  Now you’re about to give birth or already have, and are worried about not having your newborn’s images captured…

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Your pregnancy is meant to be an exciting, happy time!  But during the COVID pandemic, you may be experiencing increased anxiety and stress over your own health and your newborn baby’s health.  The good news is that doctors say pregnant women are not more likely to be infected with Coronavirus than the general public.  The bad news…

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