Beginner DSLR Camera Course with Miss Z Photography in New Bedford, MA

Do you have a “fancy” camera but you don’t know how to use it? Are you only using it on “Auto”? Do you want to know how to utilize all it has to offer? Then Miss Z Photography Beginner DSLR Camera classes are for you. Learn by award winning photographer, Abrah Zion. Abrah has won several awards and has had her work published in international magazines. Let her teach you how to use your camera to its fullest capabilities.

Each course is 2 classes held a week apart. Each class is up to 3 hours in length. There is homework given at the end of the first class.

We cover all of the basics such as but not limited to:

  • The exposure triangle (ISO, Speed, Aperture)
  • White Balance
  • Flash
  • Lenses
  • JPG VS. Raw Files
  • Focus
  • An overview of night photography

Every one gets:
– A take home booklet with everything we cover in class
– A pen
– A private FB group for ongoing support
– Chance to win a gift certificate to either a professional lab, or a local coffee place

Physical In Person Classes are limited to 8 students. In Person classes are held at Miss Z Photography’s downtown New Bedford Studio.

We are also now offering ONLINE Zoom classes that are the same date at time as our physical classes.  When choosing your class, please make sure to chose the correct one - either ONLINE or our regular in person one.

January  2024:    Saturday January 6th and Saturday January 13th at 11:00 AM
April         2024:    Tuesday April 9th and Tuesday April 16th at 5 PM