Complimentary Virtual Baby Shower

This pandemic has ruined a lot of plans.   After hearing from a lot of pregnant moms how it's affected them, Miss Z Photography has decided to host a complimentary Virtual baby shower for 10 moms in the Southcoast.

Miss Z Photography has teamed up with Events by Angel to host this virtual party.

Each participate will be receiving a bag of swag dropped off to their houses that morning, with swag worth over $300!

Each momma to be, will be allowed to invite 2 people to join them on Zoom.  We will be also simulcasting the Zoom on Facebook live for other family and friends who want to watch.

We'll be playing games with prizes! And just "showering" the beautiful moms to be.

This is our first one.   For this one, we are looking for moms who are due in July and August only.   You must live somewhere between Fall River and Wareham to participate.

The date for this fun event is Sunday June 14th at 3 PM.

While this is a free event, in order to ensure that the mommas who sign up, actually participate in the virtual shower, we're asking you to purchase a REFUNDABLE ticket for $25.00.  After the virtual shower is over, you will be REFUNDED the full $25!

Once the first 10 moms who are due in July or August sign up and pay, there will be no more tickets/availability.

After you pay, we ask that you come back to this page and complete this survey.  It will help us to provide appropriate swag and to make it a really fun and special experience.


Please visit here to purchase REFUNDABLE TICKET:

Virtual Baby Shower Questionnaire

Info to help us provide relevant stuff in your swag bag and to make the shower a special experience.
  • Please Fill out Your Full Name
  • Please provide us with your best email address.
  • Please Provide us with the best phone number to reach you at.
  • Please provide us with the best address to drop off your Swag. Please include anything that will help us locate your home (color or house, what floor you live on, what size of the street, etc.)
  • When is your due date?
    Please choose from an option above.
  • Please provide us with the contact information (email, phone, etc.) of at least one parent/close relative that would have something from your childhood.
  • We want to know more about you. Tell us what your hobbies are, what a favorite book is, a favorite movie, a favorite tv show, what you do for a living, what a pet peeve of your is..... We want to get to know you!!!